1. I just got in an accident – now what?

  • Move your vehicle out of traffic if it is drivable.
  • Exchange personal/insurance/vehicle registration information with other driver(s).
  • If you have a cell phone with a camera, we recommend taking photos of the accident in order to eliminate future conflict.
  • Gather names & contact information from any witnesses.
  • If necessary, call a tow truck:
    • TNT Towing: 403-327-4279
    • LA Towing: 403-327-3855
  • Call your insurance company to inform them of the incident.
  • Come to Bullock’s Auto Body for a free estimate.

Drop by for a free “In Case of Accident” glove box card.
Slip this card in your glove box and have post accident instructions on hand as well as something to write your information on!

2. How much does an estimate cost?

Estimates for basic collision or other damage are free of charge.
Estimates for frame repair and straightening are billed per hour ($85/hr) due to the additional time and measuring that is necessary for an accurate estimate.

3. If my vehicle is damaged as a result of someone else’s vehicle and that 3rd party wants to pay out of pocket rather than go through insurance, how does that work?

Many people want to avoid the possibility of increased insurance premiums by privately paying for vehicle damages if they are at fault. We do our best to work with all parties in order to satisfy this need.

Once the estimate has been completed and a work order has been signed, we are happy to make all parties aware of any hidden damages not seen at the time of the initial estimate if that is the wish of the vehicle owner. Before the vehicle repair is complete and ready to be returned to the customer, we inform the owner and the 3rd party (upon instruction from the vehicle owner) of the date of completion and the final repair bill.

The 3rd party must pay the entire repair bill before the vehicle is returned to the owner. We make every effort to keep all parties apprised of the status of repairs as they are happening in order that any 3rd party involvement is well prepared in advance to remit payment for repairs.

4. What are your hours?

We are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

We are closed on Statutory holidays (New Year’s Day; Family Day; Good Friday; Victoria Day; Canada Day; Heritage Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Remembrance Day; Christmas Day).

In addition, we provide after hours care. In the event that any guest cannot be accommodated by our regular hours of operation, we are happy to make unique arrangements as required.

Please contact us for more information.

5. What kind of warranty does Bullock’s provide?

Bullock’s Auto Body Ltd is proud to provide a written, limited life-time warranty on all collision repairs.
This warranty remains in place for as long as you own the vehicle.

6. Where do I find my vehicle serial number?

The serial number for your vehicle, or the vehicle identification number (VIN) is commonly located at the base of the dash on the driver’s side of the car. It can be viewed from the exterior of the vehicle.

Another common place for the VIN to be located is on the driver’s side inner door jam. If you have difficulty locating your VIN, bring your car in to Bullock’s and we’ll help you find it.

7. Can I wash my vehicle after it’s been painted?

You can wash your vehicle right after it’s been painted, but we do not recommend the use of a high pressure wash wand.

8. Can I hand wax my vehicle after it’s been painted?

We recommend waiting 90 – 120 days after being painted before you hand wax your vehicle in order to allow your new hardeners to take full effect.
You can still take your car through a car wash that has a drip wax.

9. Can you do an estimate over the phone?

In order to perform an accurate estimate that we can stand behind, we can only provide estimates once we have seen the vehicle and assessed the exact damage.

There are so many variables that can go into a paint job, door adjustment or dent repair to make any accurate statements over the telephone.