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Pre-Purchase Inspection $85

Before you buy your next vehicle, bring it in to Bullock’s Auto Body and let us put it on the hoist and do a visual inspection of your major components. Vehicle reports might be able to tell you if your car was in an accident. We can tell you if it’s been fixed properly and if there is something that wasn’t reported and picked up by vehicle reports.

Pre-Purchase Inspection – FREE

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To Canadian Forces men and women, including veterans.

Bullock’s Autobody LTD. Limited Life Time Warranty

Bullock’s Autobody LTD. guarantees all body and refinish repairs to be of quality equal to acceptable industry standards and against any defects due to workmanship or materials (excluding used parts) for as long as you own the vehicle This guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage due to environmental factors (e.g. gravel chips, rock dents, door dings, etc.), improper maintenance or unreasonable use. Warranty shall be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted, or tampered with by any person not authorized by Bullock’s Auto Body Ltd. Bullock’s Auto Body Ltd. will not be responsible for previous repairs performed by any person or facility not authorized by Bullock’s Auto Body. This warranty is not transferable

Wind-Sprung Doors

The wind doesn’t damage all doors the same way. No matter what the damage, we know how to fix it.

Bulb Replacement

We can show you how to replace your vehicle’s bulbs or we will replace them for you starting at $25.

Paint Touch-ups

An economical way to preserve your car’s appearance. We can show you how to touch-up rock chips etc. to best match the original finish of your vehicle.

Maintenance Package $89.95

Too busy to look after the small details of your vehicle’s maintenance?
To maintain the value and increase the longevity of your investment, treat yourself & your vehicle to our maintenance package.

Basic Package:

  • Basic exterior wash
  • Fluid check & top-up
  • Tire Pressure
  • Bulb replacement
  • Touch-up chips