Paintless Dent Repair

What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR is a technique used to remove small dents from your vehicle’s surface using specially designed tools. The technique, the tools and the qualified technician can remove small dents that have not compromised the outer clear coat shell of the paint finish, allowing your vehicle to maintain its factory finish.

Not only is this procedure cost effective, but it also benefits the value of your asset. Maintaining your vehicle’s original factory finish allows you to better maintain the value of your vehicle.


  • Cost effective
  • Maintains factory finish
  • Repair usually performed in shorter amount of time


  • Due to the shortage of qualified technicians, may have a longer waiting period for appointment to repair
  • Overlapping dents may require traditional repair in order to return the vehicle to pre-incident condition, even if the dents do not compromise the clear coat finish

What to watch for

Unqualified technicians – especially traveling, independent PDR firms not from your area and not certified to work in Alberta. (AMVIC, Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council)

Some technicians believe they have to drill holes in the vehicle’s shell in order to massage hard to reach areas. This technique may compromise the integrity of your vehicle.

Some PDR technicians are not able to determine if an impact has compromised the outer clear coat finish. If a PDR is performed in such a case, you may find rust forming in these locations within a short period of time. If the clear coat has been compromised a traditional repair must be performed in order to prevent moisture from penetrating the vehicle’s finish.

If in doubt, check with a Journeyman Auto Body Technician to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.

And remember, it is always your choice where you have your vehicle repaired.