Bernie De Schutter – Owner & General Manager
With more than 40 years in the industry as a Journeyman Technician, Manager and now business owner, Bernie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Alberta Auto Body Industry. As our primary estimator, Bernie might be the first person you see when you come to Bullock’s. Bernie is the guy who will oversee the repairs of your vehicle from the time it arrives at the shop until you get your keys back.
Patricia Loff – Office Manager
Pat takes care of customers, the team, communications and all the paperwork that goes on at Bullock’s. Pat brings a wealth of experience from private sector business and government positions to bring a well-rounded body of knowledge to Bullock’s operations.
Wendell Joseph – Assistant Manager
Wendell is our refinisher and quite frankly, the best we’ve ever seen. He is a true craftsman; one who takes great care and pride in his end product and does the job until it’s right. Last year he even took it upon himself to become a certified PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) Technician. Wendell is Bernie’s right hand, filling in to do estimates, help organize production and keep our paint booth humming. At Bullock’s we strive for a family oriented team and we couldn’t have been more fortunate to have Wendell on our team. As well as being a master craftsman, he is one of the most honorable people we have had the pleasure of knowing.

toddTodd – Auto Body Repair Technician
Todd has learned the trade in the tradition of the old craftsmen and has become what we value most in a technician – part artist, part technician. In today’s world, where youngsters learn how to replace panels as their trade education, Todd has become skilled at recrafting metal, which takes a special eye and feel and can save you and your insurance company a lot of money. This skill isn’t learned overnight and is becoming a dwindling asset in the auto body industry. We’re grateful that we have the benefit of Todd’s extensive skill set here at Bullock’s. He’s also a darned impressive mechanic and a dog lover!