Some things to consider before having your vehicle repaired: Helpful Tips

  • It is solely your choice where you have your vehicle repaired.
  • We work closely with all insurance companies and retain compatible software, making for a seamless communication and approval process.
  • Differences in repair estimates can occur for a variety of reasons. We’re more than happy to review any items with a clear explanation of any differences that may occur between estimates.
  • The repair shop you choose should be willing and able to explain the repair procedure of your vehicle. Make sure all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction. Remember, the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best result.
  • Your insurance company reserves the right to replace parts on your vehicle with after-market or used parts if your vehicle is more than 2 years old. You have the option to replace parts on your vehicle with original manufactured parts and pay any difference between the cost of the new part and the amount the insurance company agrees to pay.
  • There are circumstances that necessitate the dismantling of a vehicle in order to perform a complete estimate. Typically when you bring your vehicle in, an estimate is given for the damages that can be readily seen without any dismantling. It’s one of the reasons why the industry refers to this procedure as an estimate rather than a quote. In order to maintain the free service of estimating, we choose not to dismantle vehicles during the estimating process and wait until the vehicle is in the shop for repairs before assessing possible additional damage. For this reason, you may notice a clause on your initial estimate which states the following: This is a preliminary estimate. Additional changes to the estimate may be required for actual repair.